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Country: Italy | 2016
Duration: 8 minutes | black / white and color
Aspect Ratio: 2.00:1 Widescreen
Original Format: 1080p

Concept and editing by Frank Viso

Sound: musical excerpts from “De Natura Sonorum” (1975) by Bernard Parmegiani


Main Chapter I: Into space / In the sea
Chapter II: In the past
Chapter III: In the dark
Chapter IV: In the night forest

‘Florintarsia’ is originally an experiment result of a coincidence. The basic idea comes from a freakish way, by the random observation of a seedling in the balcony together with a plastic recycling sky blue container. Therefore, the urge to shoot it into detail, initially figuring the container backdrop as a neutral space (a sky; a sea bottom) on which plant could soar itself with sinusoidal/aquatic movement (chapter 1: the main one). The following parts (shorter) are a complement to the original concept of observation: isolate flora from its natural placement to immortalize it in different spaces and times, transforming in what way its nature thanks to internal recreation artificiality. So we see at peach blossoms and rose fragments summoning a bygone era. Glycines emerging from the darkness and finally a leaves composition which color spectrum may give the impression to penetrate a wood overnight, under psychedelic influence.

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